Get your bags out

Its a video again this month, and another part of my mission to encourage all endurance athletes to integrate regular strength workouts into their training. The evidence is there now within the training community and sports science research.

  • If you want to reduce injury and maintain the integrity of your muscles, tendons and joint units… do some strength work.
  • If you want to improve the structural work capacity of your body… do some strength work.
  • If your training is getting stale, one-dimensional, and you are just getting more tired… pull out the “junk” miles from your programme and do some strength work instead.

In an ideal world we would want you down the gym where you have potential for safe overload training under good instruction with the right equipment and the right plan. But that can’t or doesn’t always happen. You may have to look at body weight driven or improvised resistance training, and there may be a degree of compromise, but it will still contribute to improving the list above.

No excuses… go get your bags out.