F.I.T. Pack ... golf physical training resource

This is a comprehensive resource for all health and fitness professionals, personal trainers, therapists and golf coaches who want to learn more about screening and physical training for golf. It covers all the essential criteria needed to construct golf-specific training programmes with an emphasis on practical tools, techniques and exercise pathways.

  • Functional training theory
  • Golf-specific dynamic movement screening
  • Foundation, specific and corrective flexibility and stability
  • Dynamic balance
  • Movement sequencing
  • Foundation and specific strength
  • Activities, games, pairs, groups, reaction, timing, speed drills
  • Integrated torsional strength and power training

The Functional Integrated Training for Golf Pack

The pack comes as 2 components:

1. The Physicalgolf Functional Integrated Training Activities Manual

This manual introduces functional training theory for golf and contains a comprehensive and innovative progression of training activities that can be used with golfers from base-line introductory training to high-level performance training. With an emphasis on both function and fun this manual equips the therapist, trainer or coach with a fully illustrated collection of exercises and activities to help develop a golf athlete.

Within the manual are sections based upon the accredited Physical Solutions Dynamic Movement Screening Course. The movement screens are adapted to fit a golf-specific context. Illustrated instructions, interpretation and influences upon golf performance and swing characteristics are described. Dynamic movement screening is a practical and adaptable method of assessing a golfers foundation movement characteristics in order to select a golf exercise or formulate a training plan.

2. The Physicalgolf Performance Programme

This section provides a huge resource for the golf trainer as at its core is the successful “Physical Solutions Functional Resource”. The Performance Programme is a structured progression of individual functional and corrective workouts/pathways developing the essential physical criteria for performance golf, and offering clear indications as towards golf athlete training progression.

The Functional Resource is provided on disc. For the user it provides an in-depth educational collection offering much more than just a golf exercise training resource. It is designed with a quick access menu system, easy to navigate reference sections, and single button printing during a consultation or your workout. The workouts/pathways are fully described and illustrated and can be used as “hand-out” materials for clients and athletes.

PLEASE NOTE : This Golf Resource Pack will be sent to you via ROYAL MAIL

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F.I.T. Pack Users

The pack has been bought and used by many teaching professionals and coaches. It provides key ideas and exercises that can be used with individual clients or squads.

The pack has been popular with therapists, P.T. s and strength and conditioners wanting to further their knowledge on golf physical preparation.

The pack has been provided as a student resource to golf college programmes such as the Performance Golf Academy at Derby, Duchy College, Sussex College and Easton College.

And many individual golfers have also benefitted from purchase and following the training guide.

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golf exercise and screening manual pack