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“Any day that I am too busy to run is a day that I am too busy.” John Bryant

Bob has worked with athletes of all ages and abilities, be that from a rehabilitation perspective or performance orientated. Keeping runners running and helping them run faster and further is fascinating and satisfying work. Every runner is different… they have different goals, varied running backgrounds, they own their own running “style”, and of course they also bring to the party their own unique physicality… that combination of flexibility, stability, strength, endurance and technique that moulds the way you travel down the road. For free downloadable runners resources hit this link: athlete training downloads

Review your style & understand your technique

Work as a physiotherapist with dedicated runners long enough and you will notice something … they run a lot. In general this is a good thing, you have to put it in to get it out. But if that is all you are putting in then you may also be missing out. Are you training to run? Developing your strength base, maintaining your body stability and postural control, staying supple and challenging your ability to produce speed and power? Equally as important do you consider the way you run… reviewing your “style” and understanding your technique.

Norfolk’s Running Video Analysis Specialists

When it comes to injury management and rehab of runners you cant just pull the curtains round the treatment couch and expect to get the job done there. You need to understand their movement capabilities; watch, observe, measure, screen and respond. And when it is appropriate, or the time is right, you need to get out there with them and assess and analyse how they run. At Physical Solutions we have a couple of miles of quiet Norfolk country road, video analysis with high speed cameras, an open frame treadmill, mirrors, wide-screen, software etc. Rain or shine you will need your trainers.

Running Performance and Rehabilitation

  • Dynamic movement screening and biomechanical assessment
  • Injury assessment and management
  • Video analysis
  • Video coaching
  • Load, volume and training¬†programme reviews
  • Individualised strength, mobility and stability training
  • Functional training progressions
  • Referral team… podiatry, sports nutrition, sports psych, S&C
  • Medical referral team… Sports Physician, MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound scan
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