Golf Videos

A selection of videos looking at techniques used within golf physical preparation.

Golf Flexibility … Wall Stretches

Stretches using a wall for targeted golf flexibility. Can be used as pre-round mobility or to provide adequate range for technical change.

Golf Address Posture Exercises

Golf address posture exercises to improve position over the ball. An example of both physical and technical “change”. Useful as range drills.

Power Behind the Ball

The saying apply “power behind the ball” is very relevant in golf. Examples of drills used to support the swing dynamics of delivering power

Integrated Hip Workout

Golf hip exercises for swing development. A challenging workout targeting hip strength and stability for an effective golf swing. Can be used as pre

Glute Exercises for Golf

Glute exercises for golf. Glute “strength” training to create a foundation for potential technical change within the golf swing. A development and rehab technique.

Golf Warm Up Sequence

A golf warm up drill that is designed to be used as part of pre-round and pre-practice preparation. This warm up is very much