Functional Training – an overview


What is Functional Movement Training?

Over many years Physical Solutions have developed a programme and methodology to reduce potential injuries and improve performance for the recreational to elite athlete. Based on a practical understanding of human movement and following a focused training pathway it will include:

  • Functional movement analysis based on our Dynamic Movement Screening programme
  • Practical physical output and performance testing
  • A mobility programme, movement sequencing and integrated balance
  • A dynamic stability programme to develop a base for strength training
  • A Functional Training programme to adequately prepare the body for the demands of a particular sport
  • Advanced stage training to develop power, speed and strength endurance
  • Integration of corrective exercises into a performance training programme
  • Supporting quality movers with smart, adaptable and progressive techniques

This approach has been successful for a wide range of clients from individual athletes to professional sports teams.

Many of the techniques and routines used are illustrated in The Functional Training Resource

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Our Education Programmes

We are in our 10th year of presenting courses to other “movement professionals”… rehab, performance, PT, military, coaches, schools and colleges. Our specific “Functional Training” courses will include:

  • Practical movement evaluation in rehab, injury prevention and performance enhancement contexts
  • Physical output testing and evaluation
  • Understanding and assessing primal movement patterns
  • Techniques to apply within strength foundation, mobility, balance and dynamic stability training
  • Understanding functional exercise progression from a performance and a rehab perspective.
  • All course participants will receive a copy of Physical Solutions Illustrated Functional Training Resource.
  • These are always “learn by doing” courses where we expect attendees to explore their own physical competence!
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What our previous clients have said about us...

  • BMX riding is tough, and injuries can occur, and you need a team of people to help you who you can trust. Bob has always been there for treatment, rehab and advice. I especially recommend a WattBike assessment for any serious cyclist
    Alan Hill, BMX World Champion
  • The CPD courses delivered to our staff by Physical Solutions have been excellent. Just what we needed to improve our teams skills with screening and functional techniques, and also leaving them engaged and enthusiastic about applying them.
    Dave Maclellan, Director, Ocean Physio and Rehab
  • This is exactly what we require for use with elite tennis players, clear programmes that we as coaches can use as a reference resource and that can be easily followed when players are on tour or away from home.
    Matt LIttle, UK Lawn Tennis Association Fitness Coach