Physio & Training Videos

A selection of physical training and physiotherapy videos covering a wide range of topics.

Sand bag strength training

Strength training workout for endurance athletes

Strength Band Workout

Examples of replicating classic training lifts with strength bands useful for both performance and rehabilitation.

Runners Strength Workout

A body weight driven leg workout. A pdf download of the workout available here: Runners Strength Training Leg Workout

Running Gait Analysis

A review of  some of the common findings we see on basic running gait analysis. Particularly looking at the “bigger picture” rather than over-complication

Upper Quadrant Shoulder Rehabilitation

A rehab and training technique to facilitate upper quadrant force production. Particularly useful in shoulder rehabilitation and post surgical rehab and to be adapted

The Stick 500 … body weight exercises

The Stick 500 has become a popular body weight driven stick exercise workout. We first devised this to be used as a training technique

Hip Stability & Strength – Elastic Resistance

An integrated technique for targeting hip stability and strength using elastic resistance for both for rehab and performance. An excellent post surgical rehab technique.

Spin Bike Technique

Spin bike technique for trainers and therapists. Drills for using the spin bike within both training and rehab. These bikes are an adaptable tool

Groin Mobility and Adductor Mobilisation

Groin mobility is an important target for trainers and therapists. This video demonstrates three dimensional techniques for groin mobility and adductor function.  An integrated