Physio & Training Videos

A selection of physical training and physiotherapy videos covering a wide range of topics.

Balance Training … balance reach threshold

Balance training is always a component of integrated rehabilitation or training. But it needs to be relevant to human movement criteria and not wobbly

Isolated to Integrated Shoulder Stretching

Understanding the transition between an isolated to integrated stretching technique using the shoulder as an example. It can sound a complicated concept but by

Understanding Squat Screening

Understanding squat screening :- taking a look at the most commonly used functional movement screen… the squat. Interpreting possible findings and implications.

3D Dynamic Stability

A 3d dynamic stability drill that emphasizes three dimensional control of what the pelvis can and should be doing. Think of this as an

Hip Stability and Strength … Gliders

Hip stability and strength is a common component of training and rehab programmes. This video showcases how to use gliding discs for integrated hip