Physical Solutions present a selection of videos on training and rehab techniques, and golf physical preparation. We hope you find some ideas in these videos that will help with your own training or your work.

Glute Exercises for Golf

Glute exercises for golf. Glute “strength” training to create a foundation for potential technical change within the golf swing. A development and rehab technique.

The Stick 500 … body weight exercises

The Stick 500 has become a popular body weight driven stick exercise workout. We first devised this to be used as a training technique

Hip Stability & Strength – Elastic Resistance

An integrated technique for targeting hip stability and strength using elastic resistance for both for rehab and performance. An excellent post surgical rehab technique.

Spin Bike Technique

Spin bike technique for trainers and therapists. Drills for using the spin bike within both training and rehab. These bikes are an adaptable tool

Groin Mobility and Adductor Mobilisation

Groin mobility is an important target for trainers and therapists. This video demonstrates three dimensional techniques for groin mobility and adductor function.  An integrated

Balance Training … balance reach threshold

Balance training is always a component of integrated rehabilitation or training. But it needs to be relevant to human movement criteria and not wobbly

Isolated to Integrated Shoulder Stretching

Understanding the transition between an isolated to integrated stretching technique using the shoulder as an example. It can sound a complicated concept but by

Understanding Squat Screening

Understanding squat screening :- taking a look at the most commonly used functional movement screen… the squat. Interpreting possible findings and implications.

Golf Warm Up Sequence

A golf warm up drill that is designed to be used as part of pre-round and pre-practice preparation. This warm up is very much