Youth and Athlete Development


Supporting athlete development across a wide range of sports has been a a major part of our work. Whether it is working day to day with individuals and academies, or providing consultancy services to National Governing Bodies. Bob has produced numerous resources for NGB’s on “LTAD”, youth screening, programming and sports medicine, and has lectured and presented on various CPD frameworks.

The Physical Solutions focus is always on the young athlete and providing practical ideas and activities that can be implemented by coaches and practitioners with their athlete groups in the “real world”. The young athlete thrives on physical challenge and their language is movement. Understanding what underpins great movement, and how and when to adapt and progress the components and qualities that support this, will always help them on their way.

Topics covered have been:

  • Foundation movement and functional fundamentals
  • Developmental progressions
  • Youth screening, assessment and intervention
  • Specific workshops… jump, strike, balance, technical-physical crossover etc
  • Child and youth group workshops and “ignition” sessions
  • Parental/coach ed. Growth spurt, movement issues etc.

A Plain Truth

Bob Wood working with a group of young sports kids

“I don’t know the single best way to develop an elite young athlete. I do know some things that could help though. I can’t claim to identify the best potential athlete in a group, but I do know some ways to assess and interpret good movement. And I can point you in the right direction for exercises, activities, resources and books, but you have to understand that this topic can never be an exact science. Do good stuff, at the right time, in a playful way… that’s a great starting point.”

Bob Wood

youth athlete balance training
young golfer exercising balance during golf lesson