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Physical Solutions will be publishing a range of educational and previous media articles on this site for trainers, therapists and athletes covering a variety of health and fitness topics. The following reference articles are currently available in PDF format. Please browse, read and enjoy.

The Lunge 1

1st of a 2 part series investigating a single movement in terms of advanced movement screening and progressive physical training.

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The Lunge 2

In this second part a comprehensive functional progression built around what appears at first glance to be one movement is illustrated.

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The Stick 500

Our legendary body weight exercise circuit. A total body, do anywhere challenge driven only by a stick. An example from The Functional Resource circuit section.

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Understanding Planes and Axes

Understand the planes and you have a superb framework for exercise integration… this simple article makes it clear for all.

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The Fastest Sport in the World

A media article by Bob Wood about the surprising dynamics of the fastest sport in the world… badminton.

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The Laws of Function

A helpful and concise collection of the common language and movement “laws” that govern successful functional training and rehabilitation.

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Exercise and Low Back Pain

An article written by Andy some years ago… we include it because the reader may want to ask themselves have things responded and changed in recent years… or not?

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Movement Screening and Motion Capture

An article considering movement screening in conjunction with digital motion capture apps, and how this can be integrated into everyday practice.

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