Smartpro Golf Fitness Resource


Physical Solutions partnered with the innovate online coaching team at Smartpro to produce a comprehensive golf fitness resource to be included on their coach support platform. This comprehensive golf fitness programme is now available as a stand alone downloadable product for health and fitness professionals, or coaches, teachers and physical education providers interested in golf fitness and physical training.

  • The resource is constructed as a practitioner/coach tool, and printable for use with players
  • The user manual outlines its applications
  • Short and long term planning are supported by provided pathways, grids and sequencers
  • It is comprehensive fitness programme and the exercise sequences are beautifully illustrated
  • 8 colour coded sections cover warm-ups, co-ordination, dynamic stability, balance and strength etc
  • Session scenarios such as “creating power” or “resisting sway” etc are included
  • The activities and exercises illustrated require minimal equipment
  • The training themes follow a functional “movement improvement” approach to athletic development
  • Pairs activities and games are included
  • The resource is split into sections for ease of printing

This resource is illustrated with teenage golfers, and its content was always designed to be youth friendly and to support golf long term athlete development programmes. However it’s activities and exercise pathways are just as relevant to the adult golfer as they are to the junior. The resource follows a “foundation” or “fundamental” movement training pathway:

Quote from the author

When we started this project with Smartpro I really didn’t know how it was going to turn out! We knew we wanted to create the definitive Golf Fitness programme, but putting it all together in an easy to digest resource could have been a problem. However their team pulled together the structure and design layout brilliantly, and the photography and illustrations made the difference. It makes the resource easy to use, and the practical tool that I was wanting to produce. How you use or adapt the material included will depend on your work practices. I would suggest you print a master hard copy to study and practice the delivery. Once familiar with the exercises and pathways individual sections can be printed for clients or groups. There are some playful choices in it…. hope you enjoy them.

Bob Wood

The Smartpro team and coaching platform can be found at


smartpro golf exercise resource
Golf exercise resource
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