Packs and Downloads

In this section you will find our download products, and our packs and manuals. Physical Solutions products are all about providing practical information, examples, tests and exercise options. “Real world” solutions that can be applied by the athlete, trainer or practitioner.

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Functional Resource

Physical Solutions girl golf athlete functional training

Functional Exercise Programmes

Now in its 3RD EDITION RELEASE and containing new exercise pathways and performance/corrective options.  The Functional Resource is a “stand alone” downloadable product. For the user it provides a fully illustrated in-depth educational collection. It is designed with easy to navigate sections for quick reference and printing during a consultation or workout….

Physical Golf

muscular golfer fitness and exercise

Functional Integrated Golf Training

This is a comprehensive resource for all players, therapists, health and fitness professionals, personal trainers and golf coaches who want to learn more about physical and functional training for golf. It covers all the essential criteria needed to construct golf-specific training programmes with an emphasis on practical tools, techniques and exercise pathways………

Smartpro Golf

golf balance exercise

Smartpro Golf Fitness Download

A practically designed and fully illustrated exercise resource for health, fitness, coaching and teaching professionals. Structured  with session planning to assist the long term athletic development of young golfers, but equally relevant in its content to older golfers. Including range activities that target both foundation golf physical criteria as well as technical-physical crossover exercises.