Our aim is to populate this section with “useful stuff that we know works”! There are lots of equipment options out there to wade through and some of it can be a wiser choice than others  We will post reviews and videos to show you why we feel this equipment works, and some options on how to use it. Our aStore will only showcase this specifically selected equipment, and also what we feel are the most cost effective.

Gliding Discs

Lets start off by saying I never thought I’d be recommending Gliding Discs, but they work. I have found them particularly adaptable for lower limb movement training and rehab. If you work with clients you will need a couple of pairs so that demo’s are smooth and easy… and get the right ones for the surface you work on!

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Elastic Resistance Kit

Elastic resistance equipment is adaptable and portable… we use various types within our work. It can be expensive, and not always durable though. ALWAYS use covered bands, they are much safer and last longer. Bands with clips offer more attachment options. Click for a cost effective selection that provides multiple exercise options.

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Tom Tom Multisport Cardio

During sessions we sometimes slip into pre-planned or ad hoc heart rate monitoring activities. It use to be a faff with licking chest belts and adjusting sports bras but this watch is superb. Bang it on and go. Of course its a multi functional run/cycle/swim GPS as well. A proper quality tool that is as adaptable for rehab as it is performance.

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Medicine Balls

Use the right ones for the right jobs. For balance, stability, movement skills, momentum control and many of the throws you don’t need to go heavy…. 3kg is so adaptable. As you go up the power and “output” ladder things can get heavier, but think about the surfaces they will land on or hit! If you want them to bounce then they should bounce, if you don’t, then they shouldn’t. Grip and durability are important… this is our selection.

Golf Physical Training Resource
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Suspension Training

Suspension training has become well established and we use variations within our training programmes and courses. There are suspension specific type exercises, and more “traditional” patterns and lifts that can be adapted for use with this equipment. Mobility, stability and bodyweight strength exercises are possible. The video below is a huge 70 exercise “mash-up” of what can be done and we include it so you can review how adaptable this equipment is.

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Spin bikes and Rollers

Spin bike fitness training is well established, but we also find that they are a great rehab tool. Good spin bikes have quality running gear, brake systems and flywheels… preferably a heavy build quality. We have used two models from Tomahawk which have been excellent, and refuse to break! If you work with cyclists you may also want to provide a turbo-trainer/roller for assessment on their own bikes. We have been through a few but can recommend this selection.

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