Functional Training and Rehabilitation

This practical based course takes the participants through a logical progression of what have become known as “functional” training techniques. The emphasis is on understanding the movement foundations that under pin successful performance and adapting these into techniques that can become part of a health or fitness professionals “tool kit”. Click below for more specific details.

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Dynamic Movement Screening

The primary aim of this practical based course is to equip health and exercise professionals with the skills, knowledge and a “framework” to assess a client or athletes movement foundation. It also shows how movement screening blends with traditional ROM, postural, orthopaedic and physical output testing. Common patterns of movement dysfunction are highlighted. Click below for details.

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Youth and Athlete Development

Physical Solutions have presented youth and athlete development courses to a huge variety of audiences and organisations for years. Our favourites are workshops delivered to the young athletes but observed by coaches and parents. Also direct coach and practitioner workshops covering practical ideas that support the broad based development of these age groups. Click for details

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Bob Wood teaching physiotherapy education course

Thank you to Bob for taking us on an inspiring, active and fun weekend. Active learning is the way forward, you definitely take more in and its easier to remember an achy memory!

Charlie McCall – Physio, Bristol University

Bob Wood teaching a movement screening course

Had positive feedback from the guys/girls on the course… one of the best courses they have attended and they are already putting it into practice on a daily basis. Thanks for all your hard work with us.

Capt Jane Turner – British Army

LTAD childrens sports workshop

Thank you so much for the workshop. The kids had a great time and as ever your enthusiasm and energy was very infectious. I just hope they are spending time each day practicing this.

Karen Young – County Dev. Officer